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PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention in NEW Zealand and around the world”


PREVIEW is an international three-year study that is being undertaken in 6 European Countries, Australia and New Zealand and it aims to determine the best lifestyle strategies for weight loss and prevention of type 2 diabetes, in a population of overweight individuals. PREVIEW will significantly increase our knowledge on how specific lifestyle factors can help to prevent type-2diabetes.

The study will compare two nutritional programmes that have been shown to be very effective in weight loss and diabetes prevention, and which are comparatively simple to follow. Participants will also be asked to follow one of two physical activity plans, so that the combined effects of diet and exercise can be tracked.


Why is this important?

Type-2 diabetes accounts for about 90% of all cases of diabetes, primarily caused by the worldwide obesity epidemic.

Almost 30 percent of New Zealand men and women are classified as obese. Obesity or overweight is a major risk factor for diabetes (a metabolic disease that affects 347 million people worldwide and is diagnosed in 50 more New Zealanders every day).

The aim of PREVIEW is to develop new guidelines for the prevention of this widespread lifestyle related disease, which is diabetes. 


What can I expect if I participate as a volunteer?

Participants can expect to lose a significant amount of their body weight and avoid developing diabetes, as well as learning a new way of eating and exercising to have a better lifestyle.


What will happen to me during the trial?

For the first two months, study participants will follow a low-energy diet using meal replacement sachets, and they are expected to lose at least eight percent of their body weight. The ones who successfully lose at least 8% of their body weight will be randomly assigned to a nutrition and exercise programme which will provide the basis of their new healthy lifestyle program over the next 3 years, to make sure their lost weight is not regained. Meal replacement sachets and dietary and exercise counselling will all be provided free of charge. 

Participants must be able to travel to The University of Auckland’s Human Nutrition Unit in Mt Eden and Tāmaki campus in Glenn Innes for regular visits with the study team. Some are full morning visits, some are evening or Saturday visits. During these visits to Me Eden (HNU clinic) the study staff will take blood samples from the participants as well as performing other tests like DEXA scanning (body composition), which looks at muscle, bone and fat. 24h urine samples must be collected as well and, if the participant is aged more than 55 years old, the staff will ask him/her to do an ECG to check his/her heart. 


Who will be conducting the trial?

The three-year PREVIEW (“PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention  in NEW Zealand  and around the world”) study will be run in New Zealand and Australia as well as six European countries. In New Zealand it is led by nutrition expert Professor Sally Poppitt, with general practitioner and obesity researcher Dr Anne-Thea McGill, nutritionist Dr Marta Silvestre who is co-ordinating the study, and exercise specialist Dr Nick Gant, all from the University of Auckland.


Am I eligible?

Participants will be man or women, aged 25-45 and 55-70 years old, obese or overweight but not diabetic. All participants should be in general good health.


I would like to participate. How can I do that?

If you think you are interested in participating in our trial, please follow the link below to fill out the online prescreening questionnaire for us to analyse your eligibility:

If you would like to participate and want further information, please contact: 

Marta Silvestre

Phone: 096301162