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Validation of Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy [BIS] for assessment of *fat free mass in a Chinese Asian and European Caucasian adult population: comparison with dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DeXA)

* as a proxy of skeletal muscle mass


Assessment of muscle mass in older adults: a comparison of body composition methods

What are the aims of the study?

The aims of this study are to assess fat and fat free mass (FFM) as a proxy of muscle mass using several different methods; comparing the new BIA/BIS methods to the established DeXA method in an Asian and European population.

Where will the study take place?

This study will take place at the Body Composition Unit located in the Auckland City Hospital.

Who designed the study?

This study was designed by research staff at the University of Auckland Human Nutrition Unit (HNU), in collaboration with the Body Composition Unit at Auckland City Hospital.

What does the study involve?

You can take part if you are of Chinese or Caucasian European ethnicity, aged 45-70 years old, with a body mass index (BMI=weight/height2) of between 18-40kg/m2 and  are otherwise healthy.

This research requires you to complete forms about yourself, your health and your medical history; either over the telephone or via e-mail. You will have the opportunity to read the Information Sheet, and ask questions about the study. You will make one visit to the Body Composition Unit at Auckland City Hospital, in central Auckland (Grafton Road) which will take approximately 1-1.5 hours. During the time at the Unit, you will undertake several tests and measurements using all of the various devices: SFB7, SFB7mini, DF50, DeXA; plus hand grip and SPPB tests. We will also measure your height and weight.

What will I get for taking part?

A gratuity and travel expenses (e.g. bus fare, petrol) will be paid for participation. You will also get a health report copy of your body composition (fat, muscle, bone mass).

I would like to participate. How can I do that?

If you would like to participate, please contact:

Wilson Yip

Phone: 09 630 3744 or 021 257 0855